Protect our client programme

Protect our client programme is designed to support victims of crime, Who need reassurance and who may feel vulnerable after a situation or circumstance.

We also offer support to those who are just wanting temporary support whilst waiting for a :

 Protection Order

Occupation Order

Court Hearing

Restraining Order

Having CCTV at point of access to a property can reassure resident by viewing who is at the door before answering.

~ Know  who is at front door

~ Instant Alert to mobile or tablet*

~ Photo Capture available

~ Outdoor motion sensor

*Must be connected to internet  

Midland Home Security :

Can offer this on a temporary  basics to assist with support & reassurance

If you would like to know more about this programme please drop us a email via our contact us page or call 01604700764 and mention 

" Protect our client programme "